Doll house – short story

Vroeger schreef ik veel verhalen, maar om de één of andere reden ben ik daarmee gestopt maar gisteren kreeg ik me toch ineens een bak inspiratie! Enjoy!

They walked through the field to the other side of the property. It looked like they would walk up the mountain but hidden for the untrained eye was a small piece of land, some sort of valley. This is where it would happen, she knew it when it started and still this sudden ending shocked her. She thought she was able to change him, to change his plans. She looked at the treehouse while they walked past it. They had been there a couple of times to enjoy themselves, as how he would say it. The house had been for living like husband and wife and the treehouse was for their teen like adventures. She wished they had had more time in the house so she could convince him that she loved him and that they could live like that for a while.

She felt his hand tight around her wrist. “Stop looking at the treehouse. There’s no use.” She looked at him from the side. He was not unattractive nor unnoticable. Despite his actions she could say he is handsome and deep within he was a good person. They lived together for about a month, he never hit her or treated her badly. There was oly one rule, do not leave the house without him so do not run. She tried once, but the property was in the middle of nowhere. She had no place to go and it was not long before he found her again and took her home. That is when his behaviour changed and when she started to think she could actually change her future.

They walked past the trees and she knew no one could see them now. With a look upon the recently dug up dirt, she could see he did his best. He actually paid attention to the place, in the shadow of a tree and near her favourite flowers. The wooden frame was already placed in the hole he created. The see-through plastic cover was leaning against the tree. He let go of her wrist and placed his hand under her fingers and lead her to the wooden frame. He grabbed her hands and faced her. “I am sorry it has to be this way.” She lifted her head to look in his bright blue eyes. “That’s okay, I know you have to.” Nervously he placed his weight from one leg to the other. “You know you will be my most valuable one, right?” She placed her hand on his cheek. “I know.” He bend down a bit and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. He made a gesture to make clear that she must lay down. She stepped into the box.

Before they left he gave her a beautiful dress and made sure her hair and make-up were perfect. He took his time preparing her. This gave her the time to study his face and hands. His eyes had been narrowed the entire time while his fingers touched her face and hair. She quite enjoyed his touch but with every move she knew her time was near. Now again he made sure she looked perfect. He made sure her dress looked good and that her hair looked the way he liked it. She kept staring at the sky, she knew there was no use in trying anything. Her fate was set in stone. When he was satisfied, he moved to the tree to get the lid of her box. He put it on top of the wooden frame but made sure her face was not covered yet. “I am so sorry.” Again he came closer for a kiss, but this time their lips met. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a bunch of glow in the dark bracelets. “I know you’re scared in the dark, but fear would make you look ugly. Fear makes everyone looks ugly. You will lose your value if you look ugly.” He placed the bracelets on either side of her head. For one last time he caressed her cheek before he moved the see-through lid over the frame.

She tried hard not to look at him moving the dirt from the pile on top of the lid. She tried to look straight at the blue sky, still hoping he would change his mind. But with every scoop it became darker around her. She noticed that he had not cover the space above her face yet. Right before he wanted to scoop earth on that last uncovered spot she looked at him and all she could see was his sorrowful face. When the entire lid was covered she looked straight up again. Don’t be scared, be pretty.

She had tried to be the perfect wife, to make him believe she could be his wife. In the end he was not looking for a wife, but just for a doll for his collection.

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