Remember you, part three

Het is alweer een tijdje geleden maar eindelijk is hier dan deel 3 van mijn verhaal Remember me. Ik raad je wel aan om eerst de andere delen te lezen, deze kun je makkelijk vinden door op de tag ‘remember you’ te drukken. Veel leesplezier!

The next day my mom took me out for lunch just so that I had to get out of bed. Since my internship was a bit shorter than usual, classes wouldn’t start in a month or so. Obviously before yesterday I thought this month I would be preoccupied with William but since he did not want to see me I just had an extra month off. Over night I became more angry with him. Not only because he suddenly changed his mind but most of all because he did not even had to guts to tell so myself. What happened to the guy I met at college? So confident while walking through the corridor, whistling a tune and even greeting teachers. I remember our first meeting so vividly. 

There I was, first day at college and already lost. I was about to cry, about to miss my very first class. I was so focused on trying not to cry that I hadn’t heard him whistle when he suddenly tapped me on the shoulder.
 ‘Hi there, first day?’ My first reaction was to lift my chin and to straighten my back so I looked confident but then again a girl carrying all of her books and who kept looking at her schedule and the door numbers probably didn’t look like she belonged here at college.
‘Kinda…’ At first I thought he enjoyed my missery and that he would even laugh at me, his smile was so big. But all he did was taking his hand out off his pocket and held it up to me. 
‘Let me help you, my name is William.’ I put my hand in his hand and what happened next wasn’t really a handshake, it was more like he was going to kiss my hand but instead of that he quickly yet softly caressed my knuckles with his thumb.
‘Hi, Luna.’ I was a bit stunned by his soft and unfamiliar touch so I probably sounded a bit weak.
‘May I see your schedule to get an idea of where you’re trying to get?’ Without further thinking I handed over my schedule, mom warned me about higher years who would ‘help’ you by guiding you to the wrong room but somehow I trusted this weird handshaking guy.
‘Sure, but I am a bit in a hurry though, class starts in 5.’ 
‘That won’t be a problem, I see you’ve got one of my favourite teacher right now. Lets go and introduce you to professor Del Lanos. Quite daring of you to take psychology 1 and 2 in your first year.’ Was he actually trying to be nice to a freshmen? 
‘Well, I have a thing for the human brain and their strange way of behaving.’ 
He walked me all the way to my class, told me where my other classes would be and even introduced me to the professor. 
‘You’ll be alright. I talk to you the fourth hour, in German class.’ 

We only shared German classes but we saw each other often during schoolhours, especially during lunch breaks. Even though William knew a lot of people and was really social he also wanted to have some quiet time but for some reason he tolerated me to be there with him. We filled our lunchtime with listening to music or random questions we liked to ask each other. By now I had no more random question to ask him, all I wanted to know was why? Why this sudden silence? Why did he break his promise? Why did he kiss me in the first pace?

Suddenly I saw a hand waving only a few inches away from my face. 
‘Luna! Wake up, I have been trying to get your attention for 5 minutes now!’ There I was, sitting at a restaurant on the first floor of our favourite mall. 
‘I’m sorry mom. What were your saying?’ 
‘Nothing darling, I wanted you to see something. You can probably barely see it and maybe I shouldn’t let you have a look but you must. Outside of that pub on this side of the street, can you see it?’ She was right, I could barely see it but I saw enough. There he was, William. Sitting next to a girl, obviously flirting and holding hands. 

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