Remember you, part two.

Deel twee van mijn korte verhaal! In dit deel gebeurt er minder dan bij het vorige deel, maar hierna komt er natuurlijk nog een deel waarin we/jullie er hopelijk achter komen waarom William niet met Luna wilde spreken. Ik heb nog geen flauw idee hoe lang het verhaal gaat duren, de lijn zit in mijn hoofd maar de uitwerking ligt nog niet vast. Het verhaal is, natuurlijk, nog steeds in het Engels. Enjoy!

I started walking home, filled with confusion but still hoping that William would open the door, call my name and tell me that his mom made a mistake. But nothing ever happened like it did in movies. Once I got home I went straight up to my bedroom, I wasn’t ready yet to tell my mom about Will and especially not ready to tell her about the recent developments. As I lay on my back staring at the ceiling, I could not help but to start to wonder. Maybe I just misunderstood the whole thing? Not the fact that his mom told me that he didn’t want to see me, that part was painfully clear. I also could not have misunderstood our friendship, it only took me a couple of days to realise I wanted to be his friend. But even withing hours I could tell I felt safe around him, a feeling I had not had in a long time. For some reason it took me a couple of months before I realised I really started to like him. obviously I knew from the beginning he was handsome, all my friends talked about that when I took him along to one of our dining and karaoke nights.

I can still remember that night so vividly, probably because it almost felt like a date. Since I did not own a car he would pick me up but when he drove up to my house I wasn’t ready yet so mom let him in to wait until I was ready. Upstairs I was struggling to decide which shoes to wear. Of course it felt a bit silly, who would care whether I would wear boots with my Audrey Hepburn polka dress or not? But I decided that I either should go big or go home, so I grabbed my killer heels and went downstairs. There he was. Strangely enough this situation made me think of a scene from Titanic. And even though I wasn’t dressed like this for him, he was only a friend back then and it was custom for our dining evenings to dress up a bit, I secretly hoped he liked it. He gave me the usual three kisses on my cheeks en held his arm in front of me as some sort of escort.
“You look great, so fancy.” I wished I had the guts to tell him the same, he looked so casual but handsome after his recent haircut and in his dark jeans and buttoned up shirt.
“I’ll do anything to distract people from my singing.”.

And that is how a night full of laughter and singing started off. My friends said that we were a nice couple and even though I repeatedly stated we were not together, they still said that we acted differently. It seemed as if we were so comfortable with each other that we could easily fool other people, even my friends as it seems, and pretend to be dating. Not that we would ever do that. Now that it comes to mind, we never really talked about dating. Will only said we should give it a try. For all I knew he could have said that because it seemed like an appropriate ending of that night but maybe he didn’t mean it.

Suddenly I was awake again and saw mom at my door. I quickly rubbed away the tears which I appearently had let in my sleep.
“Hi dear, didn’t hear you entering the house. Can I come in?” I could already tell my mom knew I wasn’t feeling well. So mom entered the room and sat down on my bed right beside my head. My eyes were probably still red of crying.
“You went to William right?” Unintended I let go of a big sigh. How did mom always seem to know what I felt? I felt the hand of my mother on my hair as she was slowly caressing it. I could feel the tears burn in my eyes and even though I wanted her to know how I felt and why, I just was not ready yet to explain my mother about the recent changes between William and me.
“Yea, but mom I really don’t feel like talking about it.” Another sigh but this time it was my mom’s, I never had been the sharing type.
“Let’s have some chocolate then.” My mom’s cure for anything, chocolate. But for now that’s just fine by me.

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