Remember you

Weer een kort verhaal! Ditmaal geen eng verhaal maar een romantisch drama. Dit is deel één en hoogstwaarschijnlijk zal dit verhaal uit twee delen bestaan. Hij is weer in het Engels!

“I’ll see you in another life, when we are both cats.” It made him laugh and shake his head. Maybe this quote would make him think of me, hoping he would ever think of me. I looked him in the eyes whilst I faked a smile, endeavouring to push the tears back.
“Come here you.” He wrapped his arms around me and held me close. I stood on my toes so my cheek touched his. He held me fast as if he knew how hard this was for me, but he didn’t, not yet at least.
“I will miss you.” It took me a lot of effort to even whisper that in his ear.
“What?” I couldn’t repeat myself because then they came, the tears. I lowered myself so I stood on my entire foot. I could feel his cheek pressing against the side of my head and his arms held me even closer, suddenly it felt right. I took a deep breath, wishing this moment could go on forever. But then it ended. He loosened his embrace, held me by my arms so we were an arm length apart. I looked at the tip of my shoes, turned around and walked away. I could turn around, run back to him and continue the embrace. I should have turned around.

It has been nearly ten months ago since I stood here, same coat and suitcase but with a different feeling. Now this place does not evoke any sadness or loneliness, I am filled with hope. The last time I saw William things became clear. I can still see his half grin right before he suddenly kissed me. We hadn’t really talked about the future but that night full of kissing and tea sharing was filled with promises. That was almost six months ago, unfortunately we hadn’t been much in contact after that. I was really busy with rounding off my internship so I could go back home, back to him, and he needed to do a project for work in Europe. But we made an agreement, when I came home we would give us a try. I took a deep breath, ready for the try.

The next day I went straight to his house. I was wearing a simple dress with sneakers, trying so hard to look casual even though my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I rang the doorbell, took a deep breath and tried to look pretty instead of extremely nervous and impatient. The door opened, it was his mother.
“Hi misses Peterson, is Will in?” I haven’t been at his house often, but his mom knew who I was and probably figured out I liked Will.
“Hello dear, I am sorry but” I could see her facial expression change from happy to aloof. “He doesn’t want to see you.” There had to be something wrong, William knew I would be back today. Why wouldn’t he want to see me? He kissed me and he said we should give us a chance when I came back.
“I, I’m sorry. Wh, what do you mean?” William’s mom looked back and closed the door a bit until I could only see half of her face. “Not now, Luna. You’ve heard what I said.” I took a step closer but I could see she was closing the door. Before the door finally really closed I could here him asking who was there, but I would never hear his mom’s reaction. I waited a few minutes, maybe she would tell him it was me and he would open the door en hold me like he did last two times we said goodbye. But nothing happened.

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